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ベラ / Bera
Gender Male
Species Alien
Birthday November 12th[1]
Home Vela[2]
Hobby No idea...
Favorite Thing The sound drifting at the end of the universe
Dislikes Genuine things? Not interested
pop'n music éclale
Music Themes

Vela is a character from SOUND VOLTEX, making his pop'n music debut in pop'n music éclale. Vela is a pianist whose music can be heard throughout space. His music can't be picked up by the Gravitational Radar however, which often misleads those traveling through space. He's described as non-malicious cynic, and he has a rivalry of sorts with Nova. Vela also shares a strong resemblance with him, leading to others calling him an impostor.

Design[edit | edit source]

Vela has pale skin and long, silvery hair kept in a thin ponytail that fades to white. His eyes are kept hidden by a black mask. He wears black gloves, a ruffled gray waistcoat under a long dark purple coat with frayed coattails, and dark purple pants that extend into shoes.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

NET Taisen Lines[edit | edit source]

Attack  I'll punish you!! (必罰!!)
Damage  Ughh... (うぐっ…)
Good Play  Hmph... (ふうん…)
Bad Play  I don't know (知らないね)
Win  Boring... (つまらん…)
Lose  Are you satisfied...? (満足か)

Information[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction

pop'n music éclale[3]
彼の音楽はGravitational Radarの探知の届かぬ宇宙に輝かしく響き渡り、


His music echoes brilliantly throughout space and is undetected by the Gravitational Radar,

misleading travelers.


コンソール=ネメシスの南方、世界の境界に程近い、空の果てに棲むピアニスト。 彼の音楽はGravitational Radarの探知の届かぬ宇宙に輝かしく響き渡り、旅人を迷わせる。 悪びれない皮肉屋。 某高名なスペース音楽家とよく似た雰囲気を纏っている。 自身が地上の住人達から偽者呼ばわりされていることを意に介していないように振る舞うが、 内心本物と呼ばれる者に対してひどく執着している。 盲目とのことだが、耳はかなり良く、誰かが彼の棲み家の近くに迷い込むと見物しに来る。 機嫌が良い時は帰り道を教えてくれる…かもしれない。

"I don't care. It's your fault for being fooled"

A pianist who lives at the edge of the sky, south of Console=Nemesys, close to the border of the world. His music echoes brilliantly through the universe beyond the detection range of the Gravitational Radar, leading travelers astray. He's cynical, but not really malicious. He has an atmosphere similar to a certain renowned space musician. While he acts like he doesn't about being called an impostor by the inhabitants of the earth, deep down he obsessed with the real thing. It's said that he's blind, but he can hear very well and will watch those who wander close to his residence. He might even show you the way home when he's in a good mood...

Designer Comments

pop'n music éclale[3]

公募での皆さんの熱いご要望をいただきまして、早速ボルテ方面に走ってまいりました。 名前が分らなかったので「この人ください」みたいな雑な感じのお願だったにも関わらず、素敵な設定までおみやげに包んで持たせてくれました。世界ってやさしさでできているのかなと思いました。ボルテの皆様ありがとうございました! ポップンに帰って包みを広げながらノーヴァさんのサザンクロスに匹敵する必殺技のかっこいいポーズとかセリフとかを考えていましたらサウンドの方角から"偽十字の曲が来る"とが聞こえてきたので「移植かな?」と思ったらなんと新曲!すごいぜ!


アニメーションに関してはキャラセレクトでベラさんを選択した上で、楽曲セレクトで「Southern Cross」を選曲、キャラアニメを向かい合わせで楽しんで頂くのがアニメ担当からのおすすめコースとなっております。 さらにStage Failedしていただきまして、ノーヴァさんがすっと通り過ぎる場面、あの優しそうなイメージだったノーヴァさんが一瞥くれて通り過ぎちゃうんだね!っていうあたりが上級者向けコースです。


Not yet translated

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The gallery for Vela can be viewed here

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Vela and Nova on False Cross's jacket.
  • Vela shares his birthday with May.
  • As noted in his SOUND VOLTEX bio, Vela is blind. He has excellent hearing however.
  • Vela first appeared on the song jacket for False Cross, along with Nova. The jacket was drawn by Pendragon.
    • He also appears on the jacket for Bigbang Faker with Nova. This jacket was illustrated by まゆずみ.
  • Vela is named after the constellation of the same name. Two of the stars in it are a part of the False Cross asterism, which is often mistaken for the Southern Cross and causes navigation errors. Vela's character info, his rivalry with Nova, and the song False Cross reference this.
  • Nova appears in Vela's Lose and Fever Win animations.
  • Vela's 2P palette has the same hair color as Nova's 1P.

Notes & References[edit | edit source]