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ほるん / Horun
Gender Female
Species Alien
Birthday June 3rd[1]
Home The Country of Musical Notes ♪[2]
Hobby Conducting in the sky
Favorite Thing A beautiful harmony ♪
Dislikes Spinning around
pop'n music éclale
pop'n music peace
Music Themes
popcorn parade

Horn is a character that first appeared in pop'n music éclale.

Design[edit | edit source]

Horn has sea blue eyes and pastel yellow-green hair tied up with a pink gem and a swirled bangs, in a style of a quaver and bass clef, respectively. She wears a pearl-esque accessories on her bangs and a pink double-breasted marching band uniform, adorned with white lapels and a large blue lace ribbons attached to the back. She also wears white mittens and boots, the latter with a pink-colored pearl on each boots, and carries a purple baton that resembles a forte musical sign.

Her Win animation gives her a pink fancy dress, adorned with a white, vertical accent and a blue top ribbon layer, alongside a red royal cape.

Horn's 2P gives her a turquoise-green hair, pale semi-dark olive eyes and a yellow suit with black sections everywhere, included on her ornaments, hair and baton.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

NET Taisen Lines[edit | edit source]

Attack  Horun-run ♪ (ほるんるん♪)
Damage  Horurru~n (ほるる~ん)
Good Play  Yaruru~n! (やるる~ん!)
Bad Play  Hyawawa~n (ひゃわわ~ん)
Win  Sutekina no ♪ (すてきなの♪)
Lose  Dame nano~! (だめなの~!)

Information[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction[edit | edit source]

pop'n music éclale[3]


A young princess from a country of musical notes,

she is aiming to become the best conductor in the sky ♪

Designer Comments[edit | edit source]

pop'n music éclale[3]

詰め込んだような 楽しさいっぱいの明るく元気いっぱいの可愛い音がぎゅぎゅぎゅぎゅっと詰め込まれて、それが堰を切って 溢れ出したみたい! この曲を聴いたときそんな風に思って音符がキラキラしてる印象を持ちました。

手には指揮棒、頭には音符を揺らして、 かわいいお供の音符の動物達と織り成すメロディ!!

ムニムニ、元気でかわいいお姫様と一緒に、 どうぞ素敵なひと時をお楽しみくださいませ~~!

She's like a toy box or a merry-go-round filled with percussions, keyboards, and other fun-filled, bright, energetic, and cute sounds all squeezed together, just waiting to burst out of the dam!

When I heard this song, I had an impression that the musical notes were sparkling.

With a baton in her hand and notes rocking on her head, a melody was woven with cute musical notational animals accompanying her!

Squish with your cute, cheerful little princess. Please enjoy a wonderful time~~!


Gallery[edit | edit source]

The gallery for Horn can be viewed here

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Copel appears in Horn's FEVER! Win animation.
  • Horn's emoticon is f*0v0):.
  • Even though her animations are the same, Horn can be selected as a new character under pop'n music peace's character category due to receiving a new portrait.

Notes & References[edit | edit source]