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Don Mommy
ドン・モミー / Don Momii
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Gender Male
Species Bull
Birthday November 4th[1]
Home South America[2]
Hobbies Playing instruments and eating
Favorite Thing Tequila
Dislikes Dieting
pop'n music
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Music Themes

Don Mommy is a character first appearing in pop'n music.

Design[edit | edit source]

Don Mommy wears a red collared shirt with large white and blue ruffled sleeves, blue pants with suspenders, and black boots.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

NET Taisen Lines[edit | edit source]

Attack  Latin soul (ラテン魂)
Damage  Awawawawa (あわわわわ)
Good Play  Yes! (イェス!)
Bad Play  Nooo (ノーゥ)
Win  Dance~ (ダンス~)
Lose  Booo (ぶっぶー)

Information[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction

pop'n music[3]
File:Nawomi Don Mommy 11 Profile.gif O - YA - GE de SAMBA!!


O - YA - GE de SAMBA!!

Sexy dancing in the glittering light. A giant body flying around with maracas in his hands. The cherry blossoms are falling and the samba rhythm is ringing out tonight, señorita! Ole!

ポップンミュージック公式ガイド KONAMI OFFICIAL GUIDE[4]
気ままで女好きだが、どこか憎めない、それがシニョール・ドン・モミー。愛用のマラカスを手に、巨体をゆすり、今日も熱いラテンのリズムで躍りまくる。チャームポイントはモミアゲ。 A carefree womanizer, yet somewhat irresistible, that is Señor Don Mommy. With his beloved maracas in hand, he shakes his huge body and dances to the hot Latin rhythm today. His sideburns are his most attractive feature.

pop'n music[5]
File:Don Mommy 1 Profile.png 陽気で気ままで女好き、それでいてちょっぴり涙モロい、

そんな憎めないアイツがシニョール・ドン・モミー。 ラテンの熱い血をたぎらせて、その巨体が今日も舞う!

A cheerful and carefree womanizer, but still easily moved to tears,

that irresistible guy is Señor Don Mommy. His giant body is dancing today with hot Latin blood!

pop'n music[6]
File:Don Mommy 1-2 Profile.png 実家のトウモロコシ農園が大豊作で刈り入れが長引いちゃったんだって。 My family's corn farm had a bumper crop that took a long time to harvest.

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