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ディーノ / Diino
Gender Male
Species Dinosaur
Birthday March 1st[1]
Home Märchen Kingdom[2]
Hobby Video games. I love beatmania!
Favorite Thing Sweet candy
Dislikes I hate the dentist and homework! ...But I do like my teacher
pop'n music
pop'n music GB
pop'n music 6
pop'n music 10 (ee'MALL)
pop'n music 20 fantasia
pop'n music éclale
pop'n music peace
Music Themes
dream pop
Les Jouets Sonore
MZD MOMMY (pop'n 1)
Piu:KOHA/shio (pop'n 6)
mayo (pop'n 20)

Dino is a character first appearing in pop'n music. He's a small, young dinosaur and prince of the Märchen Kingdom. He's good friends with Henry.

Design[edit | edit source]

Dino is a green dinosaur with a peach colored face and red eyes with orange spots and yellow spikes on his back. He's sometimes shown with small wings.

In pop'n music 6 he wears a gold crown with a dark pink fur-trimmed cape, a purple bow tie, and a red vest. In pop'n music 20 fantasia he's dressed as a magician, wearing a short red cap with a moon brooch and a matching hat with small wings on the side of it and a star tassel at the tip.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

NET Taisen Lines[edit | edit source]

Attack  Yahoo~ (やっほ~)
Damage  Ouch! (いたっ!)
Good Play  Ahem! (えっへん!)
Bad Play  Hmm (う~ん)
Win  I did it! (やったね!)
Lose  One more time (もう1かい)

Information[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction

pop'n music 20 fantasia[3]
File:Dino 20 Profile.png ふしぎなステッキで魔法つかい気分のディーノ君。


Dino feels like a magician with his magic wand.

There was a cake tower and fireworks, it was great! The whole town is celebrating!

pop'n music 6[4]
File:Dino 6 Profile.png 今日はメルヘン王国の王子さまディーノ君の誕生日。国中みんなでお祝いのパーティです。


Today is Dino's birthday, the prince of the Märchen Kingdom. It's a celebration party for the whole country. Of course my role is to dress up and lead the parade! The Marshmallow drum and fife band will march with us!

pop'n music キャラクタービジュアルガイド[5]


Although small, he's the Märchen Kingdom prince

He's a 150cm tall baby dinosaur, and he love fun ryhthms!! He's still the prince of his "Märchen Kingdom" hometown. Everyone in the country celebrates his birthday with a party. Of course, Dino-kun's role was to get all dressed up and lead the parade!

ポップンミュージック公式ガイド KONAMI OFFICIAL GUIDE[6]
楽しいリズムが大好きな恐竜の赤ちゃん。身長は150cmと小さいが、メルヘン王国の立派な王子さま。テレビゲームが大好きで、特に「ビートマニア」の大ファンである。 A baby dinosaur that loves fun rhythms. Although he's only 150cm and small, he's the fine prince of the Märchen Kingdom. He loves video games, and is a big fan of "beatmania".

pop'n music[7]
File:Dino 1 Profile.png 身長150センチの恐竜の赤ちゃん。

これでも生まれ故郷の「メルヘン王国」では王子さまなんだよ。 楽しいリズムが大好き!!

A 150cm tall baby dinosaur. He's still the prince of his "Märchen Kingdom" hometown. I love a fun rhythm!

pop'n music[8]
File:Dino 1-2 Profile.png パーティーに出席しようと思ってたんだけど、家庭教師との追いかけっこをしているうちに疲れてしまって木の上でお昼寝…おやおや。 I was going to attend a party, but got tired after chasing my tutor around and took a nap in a tree...uh-oh.

Designer Comments

pop'n music 20 fantasia[3]

飛んでみたり口から炎を吐いてみたりと、元気いっぱいです! めでたくpop'n musicも遂に20作という事でお祭り気分で 花火上げちゃいましたよ。 お祝いにでっかいケーキタワーやお菓子もねっ♪ ぜひディーノくんと一緒に楽しんでください~!


pop'n music 6[9]

もーカワイイづくしってコトで、つい(油断してたら)ディーノ君のアニメも全体的にカワイイづくしになってしまいましたー。 ディーノ君はいたずら小僧…でも今回は正装でお行儀良く行進してるディーノ君ってコトでぜひ!よろしくお願いします!(笑)

衣装の王冠(それ以外も微妙に…)が前のデザインより複雑になってるよー、shio先生!(泣) 過去ボツキャラページのディーノ君と比べて見よう!


ディーノ君が王子様らしく正装したらどーなるのかな~と暇なときにいたずらがきしたのが、ポップン5の没キャラページの絵でした。 今回マーチがジャンルに入るということで満場一致で採用! そのままでは忍びないのでちょっと鼓笛隊要素を加えようとベストを着せたりパーツに凝ってしまいました。王冠の形はお気に入り。でも実際アニメを担当したKOHA先生にはすまぬことです(笑) 。


pop'n music 5 Designer Sketchbook[10]
File:Pop'n music 5 Designer Sketchbook shio 1-5.jpg (2)ディーノ君の正装姿を想像したらこんなのに。どっかで使えないかな…。

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The gallery for Dino can be viewed here

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A character named "Dinos" was intended to appear in pop'n music 3 as one of Dino's relatives, but the design ended up unused.[11]
  • An early sketch of Dino's pop'n music 6 design first appeared among the early/unused pop'n music 5 designs.
  • Dino is one a the few characters with a consistent 2P color, always appearing as dark pink with red eyes and tan skin.
  • Dino shares his birthday with Procyon, Bounty, Minit's, and Silent Room.

Notes & References[edit | edit source]