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This page focuses on the pop'n music character, Bamboo.
For the pop'n music 3 character, see Bamboo?.


バンブー / Banbuu
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday August 29th[1]
Home America[2]
Hobbies Dancing, meditating, dating...and more!!
Favorite Things Cherry coke, yoga
Dislikes War, nuclear power plants. Everyone say peace.
pop'n music
pop'n music 6
pop'n music 7
pop'n music 8
pop'n music Best Hits!
pop'n music 10
pop'n music 14 FEVER!
pop'n music éclale
Music Themes
Re:Unite the Night
MZD MOMMY (pop'n 1)
shio (pop'n 6)
Piu:KOHA (pop'n 7)
ミコシバ (pop'n 8)
tera (pop'n 10)

Bamboo is a character first appearing in pop'n music. Starting in pop'n music 6 Bamboo appeared as a one of the default player characters, specifically for Expert Mode. While his appearances waned later on, he still remained as the image character for Expert Mode up until pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝. He's childhood friends with Sylvester, who's like a brother to him.[3]

Design[edit | edit source]

Bamboo's initial appearance shows him with a large pink afro and blue star sunglasses. He wears a red vest, white gloves and boots, and flared beige pants with a peace sign necklace. This design is used again in pop'n music 6, albeit with gold stars on the front of his pants.

In pop'n music 7 he wears a beige jumpsuit with a red collar, a large belt star buckle, fingerless gloves, and white boots. The back of his suit says "LOVE" below a rainbow star symbol.

In pop'n music 8 he wears a sleeveless grey jacket with yellow pants, white boots, red spiked bracelets, and a bright pink feather boa.

In pop'n music 10 he wears an all red suit with white boots and frills along the sleeves, collar, and waist with several beads in his hair.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

NET Taisen Lines[edit | edit source]

Attack  GO!
Damage  OH!
Good Play  YES!
Bad Play  NOOO!
Win  YEAH!!
Lose  BOOO

Information[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction

pop'n music 8[4]
File:Bamboo 8 Profile.gif マイブームはカンフー映画。


My latest obsession is kung fu movies.

I tried to incorporate some of those moves into my dancing.

pop'n music 7[4]

Love & Peace!

I'll make a splash with some proud dancing and star glasses!

Love & Peace!

pop'n music 6[4]

アフロを自在に操れるようになったってホント? 今日もファンキー&クールにダンステクをみがいているよ。

I'm dancing proudly as always.

Is it true you can control your afro at will? Today I'm working on my funky & cool dance technique.

POP’N MUSIC BOOK! ポップンな関係 EXTRA (pop'n music 8)[5]
最近、ニッボンの古式武道にはまっているらしい。何かダンスに通じるものがあるのかな? Lately, he's been into traditional Japanese martial arts. I wonder if that can be made into a dance?

POP’N MUSIC BOOK! ポップンな関係 EXTRA (pop'n music 7)[6]
「pop'n partyはみんなで作り楽しむLove&PeaceなPlace」と今日もゴキゲン。ステージではもうノリノリだよ! "This pop'n party is a place of love & peace where everyone can enjoy making it together" he said in a good mood today. He's so excited to be on the stage!

POP’N MUSIC BOOK! ポップンな関係 EXTRA (pop'n music 6)[7]
今回初登場のエキスパートモードに伝説のディスコキングがフロアに降臨「神のお呼びとあっちゃね。Ya! Funky baby, Let's dance all night!」 For the first time ever the legendary disco king is descending to the floor for Expert Mode "It's what god wanted. Ya! Funky baby, let's dance all night!"

pop'n music キャラクタービジュアルガイド[8]

ファンキーでクールなダンステクに、多くの女性が心をうばわれている。 トレードマークの星メガネは、ファンクの天使から授けられた宝物??? じつは日本人パパとのハーフなんだよ。

The funky dancer with the star glasses

Many women have had their hearts stolen by his funky and cool dance techniques. His trademark star glasses are a treasure given to him by the angels of funk??? He's actually mixed with a Japanese dad.

ポップンミュージック公式ガイド KONAMI OFFICIAL GUIDE[9]

トレードマークは、ファンクの天使から授けられた星形のメガネ。SO COOL!!

The funky cool dance genius, Bamboo. He attracts many women with his brilliant dance technique.

His trademark is a pair of star-shaped glasses given to him by the angels of funk. SO COOL!!

pop'n music[10]
File:Bamboo 1 Profile.gif ファンキーでクールなダンステクには多くの女性が心をうばわれている。

トレードマークの星メガネは、ファンクの天使から授けられた宝物??? 日本人パパとのハーフなんだよ。

His funky & cool dance techniques have won the hearts of many women.

His trademark star glasses, are they a treasure from the angels of funk??? He's mixed and has a Japanese dad.

pop'n music[11]
File:Bamboo 1-2 Profile.gif ブラザー・シルヴェスターとのアメリカ横断ツーリングも無事に終わって帰ってきたら…あ、あれ?あいつ誰だよ! He returned home after his successful tour across America with his brother Sylvester and...uh, what? Who's that guy!

Designer Comments

pop'n music 10[12]
File:Bamboo 10 Profile.gif 担当は私なのですが、アニメ動画は別の人なのです。(気になる人は、ゲームのスタッフロールをチェックしよう)

バンブーの新たなる側面が現れているアニメーションですが、制作中は頭といっしょに顔までしぼんででいるような 気がして気がしてしょーがありませんでした。




pop'n music 8[13]

これがわたくしのポップンキャラデビュー作でございます。実は変なバンブーは何回か描いたことがあるのですが(ご褒美ムービーとか)、今回はさすがに真面目に描きました。 終えてみると、バンブーの持つ怪人っぷりがちょっとでてないのが残念です。でもフィーバーアクションはお気に入りです。ちなみにエキスパートモードのバンブーの腕を倍に増やしたのも私です。

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The gallery for Bamboo can be viewed here

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bamboo shares his birthday with Tsukuba.

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