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アルヤ / Aruya
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Gender Male
Species God
Birthday August 4th[1]
Home Ophiuchus[2]
Hobby Not listening to boring things!
Favorite Thing Not listening to stupid things!
Dislikes People who laugh at me
pop'n music éclale
Music Theme

Alya is a character first appearing in pop'n music éclale.

Design[edit | edit source]

Alya has red eyes and messy silver hair that obscures most of his face. He wears sheer white bottoms with black straps tied around his legs. His body is wrapped in black serpents.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

NET Taisen Lines[edit | edit source]

Attack  How annoying! (うるさいな!)
Damage  That was foolish (バカにしてる)
Good Play  That was amazing (すごいだろ)
Bad Play  Gyaah! (ギャッ!)
Win  Bow down to me! (ひれ伏せよ!)
Lose  I won't forgive you (ゆるさないぞ)

Information[edit | edit source]

Character Introduction[edit | edit source]

pop'n music éclale[3]
Alya 23 Profile.png 禁忌を犯し、名を奪われたへびつかい。


A snake charmer who had committed a taboo and was robbed of his name.

His true name is Al-Haia, a name he's no longer referred to that was lost along with his brilliance...

Designer Comments[edit | edit source]

pop'n music éclale[3]

へびつかい座といえば、のアスクレピオスをモチーフにしたキャラクターです。 onokenさんからへびつかい座のテーマを頂いてすぐにFEVERクリアのすごい絡まってるあのシーンが浮かんだので、それを執着地点にして徐々にこじらせが深刻化していくような流れでアニメ全体を構成しましたが奥様いかがでしたでしょうか。 テーマがしっかりしていてデザイン的にも表現しやすかったので、イラストのふてくされポーズもすぐにまとまりました、キャラデザインではイヤリングみたいに頭の左右に垂らした細蛇が気に入っています。 Σさんはひねくれちゃったアルヤを叱りつつ気にかけ、最後はちゃんと導いてくれそうだなと思って登場していただきましたが、図らずも同時にルーフ君アニメにも登場していて、あちこちでお世話してくれてる感じになって面白かったです。


ポップンチームは音ゲー界でも随一と評判の、非常に厳格な倫理観のもとに制作を行っていますので、アルヤの蛇がとれちゃう的なラッキーなんとか展開は万が一にもございません。 よいこのみなさまも安心して遊んでいただけます。

Not yet translated

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The gallery for Alya can be viewed here

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sigma appears in Alya's Lose animation.
  • According to ちっひ, Alya's motif is based on Asclepius, a Greek god representing medicine.
    • Alya also shares several motifs with his home, the constellation Ophiuchus. Its name means "serpent-bearer" usually represented by a man grasping at snakes and is also said to represent Asclepius. It was known as Al-Hawwa' (snake-charmer) in medieval Islamic astronomy, which Alya's real name is possibly a reference to.

Notes & References[edit | edit source]

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