A Milia
ア・ミリア / A Miria
Gender Female
Species Star Child
Birthday April 6th[1]
Home Turii Island[2]
Hobby Singing
Favorite Thing Friends
Dislikes Chaos
pop'n music 20 fantasia
pop'n music 解明リドルズ
Music Themes
Raison d'être~交差する宿命~

A Milia is a character first appearing in The Epic of Zektbach, making her pop'n music debut in pop'n music 20 fantasia. Prior to her transformation she was known as Malchut (マルクト). She's part of a race known as the Star Children (星の民) — 10 children that live on Turii Island in an endless cycle of reincarnation known as Panta Rhei. After a battle with L'erisia, Malchut fell into a deep slumber within a large white flower for hundreds of years and emerged with a new appearance and name. Her name comes from the phrase she chanted while asleep - "miria", which meant friend.[3]

Design Edit

A Milia has ankle-length white hair, olive green eyes, and wears a white dress with green trim with a matching cap and boots. Underneath her dress she wears white shorts. Her hair is decorated with a headband that has a long green braid in the back and a red tassel in the front, a keepsake from Kukaru.

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NET Taisen Lines Edit

Attack  I'll save you (私が救うの)
Damage  Crimson light... (赤き光…)
Good Play  Lan lalalala (ランララララ)
Bad Play  Uh oh (あーうーあー)
Win  A guide towards truth (真理への指針)
Lose  A maze in a mini garden... (箱庭の迷路…)

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Character Introduction Edit

pop'n music 20 fantasia[4]
File:A Milia 20 Profile.gif ミリアの民に守られし謎に包まれた少女。 A mysterious girl protected by the people of Miria.

Designer Comments Edit

pop'n music 20 fantasia[4]



サーシャのデザインはshioさんが先に「Apocalypse ~memento mori~」で後ろ姿で描かれておりましたので、今回のくっきりはっきりのビジュアル化は思わぬコラボとなりました! 「太眉はどうかア・ミリアに譲ってください!」など色々相談しながら形になった美女です。 分かりにくいですが、ア・ミリアの三角の太眉もなくなったら、変貌した彼女を以前の彼女とほんとに同一人物なのか目印さえなくなっちゃいますから…! 眉毛死守ですいません、shioさん…。でも楽しかったです!


ちなみにア・ミリアの赤い額飾りはもともとあの子の髪飾りなのです。 ア・ミリアのだいじなだいじなお守りです。

Not yet translated

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The gallery for A Milia can be viewed here

Trivia Edit

File:The Epic of Zektbach Malchut.png
A Milia's initial appearance as Malchut in The Epic of Zektbach
  • A Milia shares her birthday with Boxies and Ted=Pete.
  • Kukaru and the other 9 Star Children (Keter, Chokhmah, Pinah, Kesed, Geburah, Tifaret, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod) appear in A Milia's Win animation.

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